The Miro Quartet Live!

2010 Longhorn Music Miro Quartet

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"It's not often the a brand new piece of music - 19 minutes' worth, no less - hits you right in the solar plexus."
Dallas Morning News
"Scott Cantrell, former classical music critic for The Kansas City Star who is now working for The Dallas Morning News, recently reviewed the Miro Quartet playing “Credo,” writing: “It’s not often that a brand-new piece of music — 19 minutes’ worth, no less — hits you right in the solar plexus. But that’s how it was Monday evening with Kevin Puts’ two-year-old string quartet ‘Credo.’ After a riveting performance by the Miro Quartet, at Caruth Auditorium, patrons of the Dallas Chamber Music series were wide-eyed at the aural and emotional impact of the piece.”"
The Topeka Capital-Journal
"“How Wild the Sea” came together when the composer saw an image from Japan’s catastrophic 2011 tsunami. “It was this man, an old man, floating on the roof of his house — which was floating in the waters,” Puts says. “They said that his wife had drowned some ways back.” Puts translates this devastation into a musical work that is part elegy and part virtuosic swirls of musical waves."
Austin American-Statesman
Kevin Puts is still in search of the perfect composition. His newest work pairs the Miró Quartet and the SPCO.
Star Tribune