Chamber and Ensemble



Chamber and Ensemble


for flute/pic, violin, viola, cello and piano



commissioned by

Chamber Soloists of Austin

premiered by

Chamber Soloists of Austin

Traveler was commissioned by the Chamber Soloists of Austin (Texas) and premiered in April 2003. It is a continuous set of variations in which a boldly-stated, monophonic theme—heard at the opening—essentially travels through a variety of harmonic and textural sound-worlds until it returns home.

Over the course of the composing this seven-minute piece, I began to imagine this theme as a protagonist who, upon being continually thrust into new environments, must adapt by adjusting enough to “fit in” but still maintain identity. The struggle to achieve this is intensified by a sense of a perpetual transition: as one environment is beginning to feel comfortable, another is beginning to assert itself.

−Kevin Puts