Home (string quartet and chorus version)

Chamber and Ensemble



Chamber and Ensemble


string quartet and SSAATTBB chorus


7 min.

commissioned by

Conspirare; Craig Hella Johnson, director

premiered by

Miró Quartet; Conspirare


The refugee crisis in Europe, documented in recent media by horrific stories and photos of displaced families, led me to compose Home.

The work begins in what is essentially C Major, or with a tonal center of “C”, which I intended as a sonic representation of "home” and one which is abandoned after the idyllic atmosphere of the work’s first several minutes in search of new and unfamiliar harmonic terrain. As is my way, I worked through the piece in a linear fashion, never certain what lay around each corner. My only hope was that I would find my way back to the musical idea heard at the opening, and that it would present itself in a way that suggested this material (or one’s perception of it) had been altered in some way by the journey the work represents.

This arrangement of the first section of the string quartet Home was commissioned by Conspirare for their House of Belonging recording on the Delos label.